Academic Requirements

APEX Scholars Competency Requirements

APEX Scholars Students are admitted for three semesters (fall, winter, and fall) with the understanding that they must complete the following University Competency Requirements with a grade of "C" or higher:

  • English (BC),
  • Mathematics (MC)
  • Oral Communication (OC)

Successfully complete 36 credit hours including the competencies listed above.  Students who meet the competency requirements and the guidelines listed above while maintaining a minimum grade point average of 2.0, will be recommended for continuation at Wayne State University. Students who fail to meet the program's requirements will not be recommended for continuation at Wayne State University.

Academic Success Expectations

By accepting the APEX offer of Admission to WSU, students are expected to commit to their studies and make satisfactory academic progress towards completion of a degree.  Inherent in the agreement is the commitment to accept and take full advantage of the Academic Success activities and expectations.  Students are required to meet with their assigned APEX Advisor bi-weekly during regularly scheduled meetings, study on campus for at least 8 hours each week, attend designated study sessions, and tutor meetings as needed.  Students who do not adhere to the Academic Success Expectations may be required to meet with the Director, Associate Director and/or Academic Advisor for approval to continue in the program.

Academic Integrity

In accordance with the University policy, APEX Scholars requires its students to uphold high standards of academic integrity. It is expected that students present their own original academic work in all classes.  Plagiarism and other forms of cheating may result in course failure or dismissal from the University.

Probation Guidelines

Students earning grades below "C"

  • The APEX agreement stipulates that students must earn grades of "C" or higher (or "S" in pass/fail courses) in each enrolled course.  Failing to do so may result in dismissal from the program, and thereby Wayne State University.  Final decisions will take into consideration the participant's compliance with all other APEX expectations (i.e. Advisor meetings, weeklyl study hour and study session compliance, tutor attendance, etc.).  If a student is allowed to continue at WSU to repeat failed courses, they are required to complete an APEX Probation Contract and meet with their APEX Advisor weekly.