APEX Admissions Process & Evaluation of Applicants


APEX Scholars provides a network of enhanced support for students, including regularly scheduled one-on-one advising sessions with professional advisors, college mentoring workshops, course and study assistance, and select courses designed to bridge the gap between high school and college. Our enhanced admissions process is based on a holistic consideration of each student's potential to succeed at a research university. We remain committed to the high academic standards that best prepare students for success following graduation.

Please note that there is no direct application to APEX Scholars. All students must first apply to WSU through the regular application process to the University. The Office of Admissions will then Refer students for further consideration through one of the Student Success programs (APEX or Warrior VIP).  Referred candidates should promptly schedule and attend an interview session via the link in their referral email.  This interview will involve meeting with a WSU Student Success staff member to discuss educational goals and preparation for college.  Interviewers will review students' full academic record, the types of classes taken, grade trends, standardized test scores, and other items submitted with their application to WSU. If the result of this interview is admission through the APEX Scholars program, candidates will be invited to an online session to learn more about the APEX Scholars program. Parents are encouraged to attend the informational session as well.


Please Note: 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all interview sessions will take place online until further notice.  Interview sessions generally take no more than 1 hour.  Candidates will receive an email containing a link to schedule an interview.  Shortly before the interview, candidates receive an email invitation with a link to join the online interview.  Candidates should plan to click the link to join their interview session at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time in case they encounter technical difficulties.  The results of the interview will be emailed to students 3-4 weeks after the interview. For additional information about how to schedule your interview session, please call our office at 313-577-4695. 

Before students can be fully admitted into the APEX Scholars Bridge Program, they must:

  • Complete the supplemental information before the interview session.
  • Successfully complete the New Student Interview Session
  • Attend APEX New Student and Parent Orientation (Summer Bridge & Fall Direct Admits)
  • Attend APEX First (Fall Direct Admits only)

All Orientation information for APEX Scholars Fall and Summer Bridge students will be emailed to all accepted students.

APEX Scholars - What to Expect

After successful completion of the Summer Bridge program, students will continue enrollment at WSU as an APEX Scholars student and receive:     

  • Continued academic encouragement, academic progress reviews, college planning, study/time management, and guidance with course selection and registration through enhanced individual and group advising
  • Strategic academic success services 
  • Guided career exploration and career development activities

Program Requirements

Fall & Winter Semester Responsibilities & Expectations

  1. Attend weekly/bi-weekly meetings with assigned APEX Advisor. Assigned advisor meetings and designated workshops and activities are mandatory.
    1. Complete all registration-related transactions with the assigned APEX advisor.
    2. Register for recommended courses based on program guidelines.
  2. Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade-point-average each semester. In addition, students must earn at least a "C" grade in each class for all courses through their first 3 semesters (fall, winter, and sophomore fall) of the program.
  3. Attend all class sessions and APEX assigned workshops and submit completed assignments on time.
  4. Meet with APEX Study Group Leaders each week for course support sessions

Students who successfully meet APEX requirements at the end of each semester will be recommended for continuation at Wayne State University.  Students who do not meet the Program's requirements will not be recommended for continuation. After the completion of 36 credit hours (first 3 full semesters), students will transition to be fully advised by the department of their major. However, APEX will always be available to support them in any way we can through graduation.

In addition to APEX Program requirements, all APEX Students, while on campus or at any University-sponsored event, are required to abide by the requirements of WSU's Student Code of Conduct.  A copy of the Code is available online at the Dean of Students website: WSU Student Code of Conduct