Admission into APEX Scholars

APEX Admissions Process & Evaluation of Applicants

APEX Scholars provides a network of enhanced support for students, including regularly scheduled one-on-one advising sessions; college mentoring workshops; tutorial assistance; and courses designed to bridge the gap between high school and college. Our enhanced admissions policy is based on a holistic consideration of each student's potential to succeed at a research University. We remain committed to the high academic standards that best prepare students for success following graduation.

All students must apply online through the regular application process for Wayne State University. Referred students only, will be required to complete an in-person New Student Interview Session which will include a review of the student's full academic record, types of classes taken and grade trends, and personal history. During this session, students will meet with APEX faculty and staff to learn more about the program and provide additional information that will be used to determine eligibility for the APEX Scholars bridge programs (Summer or Fall). 


Student's interview session will take no more than 2 hours and you must arrive at least 15 minutes before you are scheduled as space and time is limited for the APEX Interview and selection process. Results of the interview will be mailed to students 3-4 weeks after the interview. To reserve a spot for one of the New Student Interview Sessions please use the link below to see upcoming available dates For additional information about how to schedule your interview session, please call our office at 313-577-4695. 

PLEASE NOTE: Referrals are necessary to attend the Interview session any non-referred student reservation will be canceled.

Before students can be admitted into one of the APEX Scholars Bridge Programs, they must:

  • Complete the New Student Interview Session
  • Complete the supplemental information during the Interview session.
  • Attend Wayne State University New Student and Parent Orientation (Dates TBA in 2018)
  • APEX First (Fall Bridge only)

All Orientation information for APEX Scholars Fall and Summer Bridge students will be emailed to all students accepted into one of the bridge programs.

APEX Scholars  

After successful completion of one of the Bridge programs, students will continue enrollment as an APEX Scholars student and receive:     

  • Continued academic strengthening through enhanced individual advising
  • Targeted academic support services and assistance with course selection


  • Students must maintain a C average for all courses through 3 semesters (fall, winter, and fall) of the program (36 credit hours).
  • After the completion of 36 credit hours, students will transition into general student status.
  • Transition will be finalized during the third semester as students who have completed the APEX requirements will be able to declare their major of choice.