Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Bridge FAQ

What is the Summer Bridge Program?

Summer Bridge is an 8-week rigorous program designed to assist participants with their transition from high school to the University.  During the program, students will take courses designed to enhance their academic skills and strengthen their awareness of the responsibilities of college life. Students must pass all courses with a "C" or better to be admitted into APEX Scholars/WSU in the fall.

Can I live on campus and participate in Summer Bridge?

Our plan is to offer the 2022 Summer Bridge on campus.  Therefore, students admitted to Summer Bridge should plan to move into the residence hall for the 8-week program on Sunday, June 26, 2022.  In the event that safety precautions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic prevent this, Summer Bridge 2022 may not have a residential component. In this scenario, classes and program activities will take place online. 

Can students work and participate in Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge is a comprehensive program. Due to the intensity of classes, workshops, tutorials, and other activities, our experience has been that students have found it extremely challenging to do their best in summer courses while working.  It is possible for students to work Friday to Sunday, however, students must be mindful to keep up with weekend assignments.

How much does the Summer Bridge program cost?

The Summer Bridge program is offered at no charge to all students selected to participate. This includes tuition, room and board, books, and some instructional supplies. 

What do past Summer Bridge students have to say about the program?

"During the program, I learned good study habits and made new friends."

"The APEX staff were always willing to take the time and help us."

"We became like family over the summer, we still take classes and study together."