Instructional Support

Academic Support: What We Offer

Instructional Support Services Overview 

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Tutor & Study Group Schedule 

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Learning Communities

The APEX Learning Community (LC) assists first-year APEX students with structured academic support led by peer tutors.  The structured engagement and support work to promote a seamless and academically enriched adjustment to college life. Students also enroll in two common first-year courses which help them develop sound study habits, refine classroom etiquette, accept responsibility for their actions, and improve decision making skills.  It is the intent of APEX staff and student mentors that LC participants develop positive networking skills and learn to better focus on their academic goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate study skills and habits that facilitate college success
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of University guidelines and policies
  • Students will demonstrate responsibility for one's actions, feelings of University ownership and commitment to educational process
  • Students will gain exposure to STEM fields and their mathematics requirements